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Air-Zona Air Conditioning
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Bill on Air-Zona Air Conditioning
Pride in Workmanship

I can’t tell you how reassuring it is when you know that a job gets done properly. That’s exactly what happened yesterday afternoon/evening when Daryl and George worked on Josh and Abbie’s air conditioner. Daryl showed up first sometime between 4:30 and 5:00. Diagnostics took longer than Daryl expected because he had never seen something exactly like this. He got on his cell phone to George and between the two of them they determined there was contaminated refrigerant. They strongly suspect the unit has been that way since the house was built (Josh and Abbie have only been there a little over two years) and was contaminated with air. He evacuated/captured the refrigerant and, while it was empty, he climbed up into the attic (it is a split system) to disassemble the metering valve to inspect it for proper operation. As he finished that George showed up and the next thing they did was to remove the old (tiny) refrigerant filter and install a new, more substantial, filter/dryer. Then came the boring part… pulling vacuum. 90+ minutes later they were satisfied with the numbers on the gauges and started to re-charge the system with new refrigerant. I was very pleasantly surprised to actually witness pride in workmanship and they “tweaked” the system with just the right amount of refrigerant to get the optimal performance. They pulled away from the house just after 9:30. I will be telling anyone and everyone I know who has A/C problems to contact these two very responsible and professional men.

by Jan E on Air-Zona Air Conditioning
I have absolutely no complaints

I was referred to Air-Zona by two friends who use them. I have absolutely no complaints with them.

They worked with my schedule to arrange a basic tune up for our AC unit. It was a non-urgent situation. The tech arrived on-time, a few minutes early actually. He made some recommendations on the inside of the home for optimizing our system and then up to the roof he went. Came down with tons of info about our unit. Did not make any outlandish recommendations for spending tons of money on it. The service fee was reasonable and he was done in about 30 minutes.

I will use them again and will refer others to them as well.

by Nancy G. on Air-Zona Air Conditioning
I can't recommend this company more highly

Sav-On Plumbing recommended George Chartier at Air-Zona air conditioning. I've used him twice and he is awesome. Last night on one of the coldest nights in the Valley in my recollection (and I was raised here), my heater bit it. When I woke up this AM it was about 55 degrees in my house.

I called George at 6:30 and he was here at 8:00 and had it fixed almost immediately. He didn't try to tell me something terrible was wrong and I needed some expensive fix. He merely reset what had tripped and vacuumed out all the dog hair. Sigh. He is awesome. The bill was quite modest, as well.

I can't recommend this company more highly.

by Brian D. Smith on Air-Zona Air Conditioning
Everything is neat and clean

Thanks guys, for a quick and easy heat pump replacement. It looks great and is real quiet. I'm looking forward to lower electric bills, winter and summer.

You arrived and 8:00 AM and left by noon. Everything is neat and clean.