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Phoenix A/C Tune-Up – Air Conditioning & Heating Tune-Ups

Seasonal changes can be mild one year, and severe the next year. Many homeowners prepare for those seasonal changes by scheduling air conditioner and heating tune-ups.

It may not be the most glamorous date on the calendar, but seasonal maintenance can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Regularly Scheduled Phoenix Air Conditioner & Heating Tune-Ups

A/C Tune-Up in PhoenixThe main objective of a heating and air cooling system in a residential or commercial environment is temperature regulation.

Although these units are associated with heat and cold, their goal is to moderate the extremes by keeping the temperature constant at a comfortable level. Regular seasonal tune-ups help to maintain efficient operation.

An expert heating and cooling contractor schedules a time to come out at least twice a year to check the system and prepare it for the hot or cold months ahead.

Many of our clients schedule a spring and a fall inspection to ensure that the heating and air-conditioning system can handle the cold winter nights or hot summer days.

The Anatomy of a Phoenix HVAC Tune-Up

A technician usually starts with a thorough exam of the heating and air system to ensure that everything is working efficiently and safely. The system’s moving parts are lubricated if needed and all safety controls are tested. He or she will usually make sure that heating cycles efficiently and will often clean various parts of the furnace burner.

The HVAC technician will then check the thermostat calibration and test all air-conditioning components. Filters may need cleaning or replacements, while moving parts may need cleaning and or lubrication. The technician will monitor the cooling cycle and check to ensure that the unit is free of any obstruction or debris.

The Importance of Air-Conditioner and Heating Tune Ups

This may seem like a lot of work, especially if the HVAC unit is fairly new. Why would a homeowner go through the expense of having a technician come out twice a year to pamper his or her heating and cooling system? The answer is, to save a lot of money.

Whether a heating and cooling system is new or old, regularly scheduled maintenance can keep it running in optimal condition.

Residential and commercial customers have experienced ongoing savings in energy costs and repair bills by maintaining their HVAC equipment. Their existing units last longer, utilizes less energy and have fewer operational problems.

In the long run, regularly scheduled air-conditioner and heating tune-ups saves dollars and makes perfect sense. To schedule your tune-up, give us a call at (602) 888-2090.

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