Interior climate control is becoming an indispensable convenience for daily life. These heating and air conditioning systems offer much more than simple comfort and convenience; during extreme weather conditions they are lifesavers.

One of the most important components of an HVAC installation is the duct system.

Inspecting the Air Duct System

The ducts are part of the system that transports air throughout the house. Much like arteries and veins in the human body, these ducts move air at a preselected temperature throughout the house. They help to promote proper circulation throughout the building.

The importance of the duct system should not be ignored. Even the most efficient heating and air system can be brought down by leaky duct work. Air ducts that are obstructed by dirt and debris can dramatically reduce the efficiency of any modern central air system.

Phoenix Air Duct Installation

During the coldest and hottest months of the year the duct system has to transport warm or cool air efficiently. These tunnels are also important for proper ventilation.

Appropriate inspections should be made in the spring and summer. Needed maintenance and repair should be undertaken to avoid compromising the system.

The Phoenix Air Duct Installation Process

Since these ducts are designed to move air through the home they are usually installed after the basic frame construction is complete. The air duct installation takes place before the drywall and other finishing carpentry are initiated. Air must move from the HVAC unit, throughout the building and then vented out of the premises.

The most efficient duct work layout and design seeks to run as straight as possible with a minimum of curves or turns. Circulation slows down when air has to move through twists and turns. Fewer “elbows” also means less opportunity for leaks or structural degradation.

There is much more to Phoenix air duct installation and repair than simply installing the branch ducts, or screwing in a few brackets. The work must be integrated into the entire circulatory system. Proper air duct installation and repair is necessary to ensure good air quality and efficient temperature control.

The best Phoenix air duct installation and repair operation calls for proper planning, and implementation. The duct work should be balanced, well insulated, sealed and tested for optimal airflow. We follow those guidelines for every air duct job we complete.

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